Outreach and Education

Handles piled together

The Center for Human Brain Variation is committed to assembling a project team with diverse perspectives, while fostering an inclusive environment where all team members flourish. This is essential for a project in which the analysis of biological variation and diversity is a central theme. Our Center aims to reach a wide community of scientists in a variety of different ways including:

  • Provide elementary through undergraduate level students from surrounding communities with resources (such as mentoring, lab tours, educational materials) to get them excited about science and pursue careers in scientific research.
  • Create opportunities for researchers to join our team at many different career stages, from undergraduate students to mid-career scientists. In building our team, we aim to address the under-representation of groups in biomedical research in general, and at our institution in particular. Please see our jobs page for more information about open positions.
  • Establish a Visiting Scientist Program to increase the connectedness of the center with researchers at other geographic sites, institutions, and in other disciplines, with the majority of the Visiting Scientists coming from historically under-represented groups. To apply, please see our job posting.
  • Host a quarterly seminar series, held in a hybrid format to increase accessibility, with presentations from speakers at a variety of career stages with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

For additional education and outreach opportunities, check out the Broad Institute’s programming.